Holidays, Running and the USA

Peachtree+Header+WebWell, we’re inching toward the holiday weekend. And I’m getting ready to inch my way along 6.2 miles with 50,000 (give or take a couple) runners Saturday in Atlanta at the Peachtree Road Race. Big road races — particularly on holidays — are quite a festival, much like college football without the tailgating. So it should be fun for Mary, Walter, Jerry and me to meander through the streets of Atlanta.

Wonder if there is an elliptical trainer category for people like me who basically haven’t run for a month or so? I digress. I’ll make it.

start4And while all of us enjoy the Fourth of July holiday, and holiday weekend, I hope we take at least a little time to consider how fortunate we are to live in the United States with all the freedoms we enjoy. Most likely no Peachtree-like road races in Iran and a host of other countries this weekend or anytime soon.

Saying all that, I’ll be off the grid for a few days. Our nation will survive.

Enjoy the holiday.


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