Running and Moonwalking

OK. I understand why Michael Jackson dominates the news, print and broadcast and everything in between. There is tremendous world interest in his life — and death. Yet beyond the tributes to his talent and music, this story has the potential to get ugly — as journalists, old and citizen, focus on his alleged drug use, custody of the children, his will and estate and the circumstances surrounding his death. This won’t happen now given the hype, audience interest and media frenzy, but maybe we would be better off going back to some other stories — the economy, health care, Iraq, Iran and so on.

I’m more sensitive to this now that I am tethered to the elliptical trainer — and morning TV news. My God. I have some of the stories about Michael Jackson memorized. Aren’t there any Republican senators or governors going hiking these days? And you know you are bored when you are clamoring for more info about a coup in Honduras.

And get this. Remember Bernie Madoff? He’ll learn this morning from a judge how many years he gets to spend in prison for destroying the lives of so many individuals who invested in his financial house of cards. Wonder if he has any sense of theater? If so, maybe he could exit the court doing the moonwalk. That would be sweet — and would most likely compete with MJ for top billing on YouTube and the TV news. Good grief. I’m losing it.

And I’m not sure why I am worrying about this at all. Clearly I have bigger fish to fry.

I’m going back to physical therapy for the last scheduled visit this afternoon. And I’m no better off now than I was a month ago. In fact, I ran around five miles yesterday, dragging my foot and leg along the concrete. I could walk — barely — afterward. That’s a good sign. But as Mary, Walter, Jerry and I get ready to run the Peachtree 10K July 4, something tells me this isn’t going to be the best run (or maybe better described as a limp-along) that I’ve ever had.

Maybe I would be better doing the moonwalk.

Tomorrow I’ll share some thoughts on physical therapy. I was going to do that today but figured I might as well wait until after my session this afternoon. Who knows. Maybe there will be a miracle.


3 responses to “Running and Moonwalking

  1. Hi Rob,
    found your blog while googling another Rob Jewell. As a runner and a former resident of Buckhead, GA I was intrigued by your post. I’ve gone through 8 weeks of physical therapy (12 weeks hiatus) for strained/pulled hip flexor/adductor/groin.

    I guess it’s surprising to hear you’ll be racing this weekend given your condition. As a runner, I know we can be rather stubborn ( I ignored my injuries for months) til I woke up one morning unable to move my leg.

    Best wishes and good luck on your race.

  2. burghthoughts

    I’m not a Madoff fan, and what he did deserved time in the big house, but can someone explain to me why he gets 150 years when Frank, Dodd, Emanual and the rest of the Fannie/Freddie crowd, who are directly responsible for the economic meltdown we are in, continue to dine in Alexandria?? (where I just returned from-lovely town-No Iron though)

  3. Kay,

    Thanks for your comment. All of us who are runners — and I mean by that recreation in the best sense of the word — only want to do one thing: run. So I hope you are making progress with your physical therapy — and are back to running pain free soon. I’ve been running for 30 years and this is the first time I have had to stop because of an injury. And I’m not impressed with the PT so far, to be honest.

    But I am going to run Peachtree because it is important to me for several reasons not all related to running. And I’m intrigued by a quote I read once — honestly don’t know where — that said: “Some day you won’t be able to run. Today isn’t that day.” So might as well go for it.

    And Burghthoughts–can’t argue with your basic point here. Every once in a while, if we took some elected officials away in leg irons, it would lessen the need for stimulus programs and other bailouts. Saying that, Madoff, even at 150 years, didn’t get what he deserved.

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