The Viagara Chronicles

Well, Tricky Dick Nixon was back in the news this week. The National Archives released more of his tapes and documents, providing another glimpse of his view of reality. I kind of miss Tricky Dick. At least we knew he was screwing everybody. Now with elected government officials we have to wait and see who is “hiking the Appalachian Trail.” Sheesh. Wonder if Sanford, Ensign, Vitter, Gibbons, Spitzer, Edwards and their cohorts megadose on Viagra? Just a thought.

And here are a few others:

  • I’m really not a moralist — and I try not to judge what people do in their private lives. But elected officials should be held to a high standard of trust, responsibility and honesty — and ethical conduct. And if they are going to preach family values — and influence public policy accordingly — then how they live their own lives is important.
  • I’m glad that we are no longer forcing the wife of the wayward pol to “stand by her man” during the humiliating mea culpa and pro forma public apology. Mark Sanford’s wife, Jenny, retained her dignity — and her statement certainly displayed a lot of class and communications savvy. And by the way, Sanford’s rambling news conference was a fiasco. Only Elizabeth Edwards showing up to hawk her book could have made it any more pathetic.
  • As the conservatives continue to self-destruct, Sarah Palin is looking better by comparison, with a just-released Pew Research Center study listing her as the most popular Republican. I know. I know. Hard to find a group in public that will admit to liking Sarah Palin or believing that she is qualified to do much of anything. And that’s especially true of liberal women who view Palin as cutting ahead of them in line. But — if Palin doesn’t “hike the Appalachian Trail” between now and 2012, she may find herself camping on the moral high ground with the remaining conservative faithful. And at least we can count on Sarah not to megadose on Viagara.

And in closing, a musical tribute to Mark Sanford from Madonna — Don’t Cry for Me Argentina. Woot.


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