Shout-out Friday: LeBron and Kent State

Well, even though I’m still tethered to the elliptical, I’m in a good (relatively speaking) mood today. Hey, the sun is out. No rain in the forecast. And it’s Friday. Woot.

So let’s combine the sometime-regular shout-outs with the always eagerly awaited Don’t Worry, Be Happy salutes.

Today we salute symbolic acts — which while generally lacking substance are admittedly important.

Shout-out No. 1: To NBA commissioner David Stern. He slapped LeBron James with a $25,000 high-five for failing to high-five the Orlando Magic after the Cavs’ season-ending debacle a few nights ago. Good. Clearly not the money here — but the principle. Even the league’s biggest star has to play by the rules, behave in a sportsmanlike manner, and conduct himself with civility. Now, if someone could only get LeBron to stop wearing that ill-fitting Yankees cap.

Shout-out No. 2: To the top 11 administrators at Kent State. In the midst of our world economic meltdown — with students, parents and taxpayers feeling the squeeze — the big guys and gals at Kent State agreed to forgo any salary increases that would have been effective Sept. 1 and put the cash into an endowed scholarship. Good. At least it says someone at Kent is paying attention to the world beyond the Ivory Tower, even if the bucks — estimated at $75,000 in total — involved here aren’t significant.

And a sad story to end the typically upbeat Don’t Worry, Be Happy report.

David Carradine was found dead in a hotel room in Bangkok Thursday, with questions now about whether it was an accident or a suicide. Carradine apparently was best known these days for starring in the “Kill Bill” movies, although I’ll admit to never seeing the movies or knowing anything about them. Like most people my age, I recall Carradine from the 70s TV show, “Kung Fu.” The show — kind of a bipolar Chinese Western — had a Zen-like quality to it and gained somewhat of a cult following (and I’m just reporting this because like Clinton I didn’t inhale) among those who were high on more than life. The show combined ruthless aggression and violence with a philosophy of love, peace and respect for fellow humans. Much like the Hare Krishnas who used to greet us at the airports. I digress.

Here’s from the first episode of Kung Fu. Note: Good for those of you still fretting about the Cavs meltdown to take a look here.

So for those of us who can remember the 70s but can’t remember what we did with our car keys last night, Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

And for everyone, let’s stand up and give a big shout-out for the weekend.


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