Twitter and the Cleveland Cavs

Well, we made it to another Don’t Worry, Be Happy Friday. Woot. And none too soon. The Cleveland Cavaliers won last night, meaning just about everyone in Northeast Ohio can climb back inside from the window ledge until game six Saturday night. I managed to watch the game for three quarters, following along in my little Twitter echo chamber. (Like LeBron, I had a triple double. Only mine was Jameson. And yes, it did negate the benefits of a great afternoon nap. I digress.)

And wow. Wonder how many mental health professionals are followers in that Twitter venue. They should. Business opportunities abound. Change the hash tag from #cavs to #manic depression. Talk about mood swings — up by 20, down by a field goal, CC Sabathia opining, Charles Barkley actually making sense. Phew! Folks. Chill. The Cavs are going to win this series. Then they are going to thump Kobe and the Lakers. Mo Williams guarantees it.

Don’t worry, be happy.

And smile while you have the opportunity. There is a trend emerging that may tag all of us with a collective frown face.

For instance, in the great state of Virginia, you can no longer smile while having your picture taken for a driver’s license. Here’s from The Washington Post:

Few places in Virginia are as draining to the soul and as numbing to the buttocks as the branch offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles. And yet, until recently, smiling was still permitted there.

No more. As part of the DMV’s effort to develop super-secure driver’s licenses and foolproof identification cards, the agency has issued a smile ban, directing customers to adopt a “neutral expression” in their portraits, thereby extinguishing whatever happiness comes with finally hearing one’s number called.

The driver’s license photo, it seems, is destined to look like a mug shot.

DMV officials say the smile ban is for a good cause. The agency would like to develop a facial recognition system that could compare customers’ photographs over time to prevent fraud and identity theft. “The technology works best when the images are similar,” said DMV spokeswoman Pam Goheen. “To prepare for the possibility of future security enhancements, we’re asking customers to maintain a neutral expression.”

“To prepare for future security enhancements.” LOL

I’ll never get a driver’s license in Virginia.

And it strikes me, security issues and enhancements aside, that this runs counter to our national interest. As a nation, it’s important that we keep smiling. Otherwise we’ll be in a never-ending funk, what with Government Motors going belly up next week, North Korea demonstrating that it does have weapons of mass destruction, the Republicans self-destructing in their attempt to scuttle the SCOTUS pick, no hope of repealing baseball’s designated hitter rule and so on.

So when it comes to the Cavs this weekend,  for all of us tethered to Twitter and to those still living in the real world, don’t worry, be happy.

And keep smiling.


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