No Swine Before Its Time

Just back from a late afternoon visit to the Cleveland rib cook-off. And one of the vendors that showed up in prior years had the slogan, “We serve no swine before its time.” (Or pretty close to that anyway.) No matter. That guy/gal wasn’t dishing ’em up this year. Maybe it had to do with the lingering concerns about swine flu. (You knew I had to say that.)

IMG00031So I headed to Pigfoot. And the ribs are fabulous. You could make the case for most of the others selling the BBQ — but I like the ribs lean and mild. And washing them down with a couple brews from Great Lakes Brewery doesn’t diminish the experience any.

And just a few observations as this event helps to kick off the summer here in NE Ohio:

  • Saw a guy wearing an orange T-shirt that said: “Pittsburgh Sucks.” Would have said something but figured he was most likely heading to the bus for the return trip to the lunatic asylum.
  • Guy in front of me to get the ribs was wearing a Cavs shirt with the name Hughes on the back. Sentimental value I guess.
  • And even at a venue where people are loading up with pork and brew, there is some good medical advice to be had. To wit:



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