Cavs, Idols and Presidential E-mails

Oh mama. I guess many of us in NE Ohio will be sucking the tailpipe today. The Cavs lost at home in the first game of the series with the Orlando Magic. And I’m not sure how that happened.

Managed to stay up way past my bedtime last night to see Kris Allen get the nod as the new American Idol. (Carrie Underwood he ain’t. I digress.) And full disclosure: I was actually trying to keep my eyes open to watch the Cavs, but my wife kept switching the channel when my head was nodding, thinking I wouldn’t notice. Not.

And I pretty much packed it in after Mo Williams launched a three-pointer at the end of the first half from essentially the bar at the Winking Lizard, a few blocks from the Q. Could life be any better?

Well, sweet dreams and a rude wake-up.

USA Today: “Howard, Magic Steal Game 1, Stun LeBron, Cavaliers, 107-106.” Yikes.

And Cavs’ coach Mike Brown opines: “This is good for us. We didn’t expect to go undefeated.”

Good for us. Well, uh, like a colonoscopy, I guess.

OK. OK. Just one game. So I check my e-mail — and there is a message from Barack. Well, not really from Barack. But from President Barack.

Remember during the campaign when I used to get those nice e-mails from Barack and Michelle? Well, now it’s President Barack Obama — but apparently he still needs my help and my money.

Rob —

The chance to finally reform our nation’s health care system is here. While Congress moves rapidly to produce a detailed plan, I have made it clear that real reform must uphold three core principles — it must reduce costs, guarantee choice, and ensure quality care for every American.

As we know, challenging the status quo will not be easy. Its defenders will claim our goals are too big, that we should once again settle for half measures and empty talk. Left unanswered, these voices of doubt might yet again derail the comprehensive reform we so badly need. That’s where you come in.

When our opponents spread fear and confusion about the changes we seek, your support for these core principles will show clarity and resolve. When the lobbyists for the status quo tell Congress to hold back, your personal story will give them the courage to press forward.

My personal story? Well, I still can’t run. My foot feels like it has a nail in it. The muscles and everything else that keep my hip attached to the rest of the leg are in a knot that would make a Boy Scout proud. But thanks for asking. Hope that helps as Congress moves rapidly. LOL

And, sorry, don’t have any money to send this time. Worried that I’m going to have to start paying more for health care. I digress again.

But clearly this is an important issue and in an effort to help contain health care costs I’ll offer this advice to the citizenry in NE Ohio. Don’t  spend the next two days fretting over the Cavs. Got to keep things in perspective.

The Cavs can’t possibly fumble at the goal line.


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