College Life — Beginnings and Endings

Gee, with a headline like that you would think that Peggy Noonan was here waxing lyrically about the virtue of waterboarding or some such matter. But, nah. It’s only me, sitting here with an ice pack tethered to my hip and figuring out if I can get my Jeep in for service before the Chrysler dealers go belly up in early June.

I was thinking while running this morning that for professors at Kent State (and at other universities and colleges on the same schedule) today is the end of another school year — and the start of what is generally a more relaxing period before the beginning in fall of another. Most people do not have a clue about how difficult and time-consuming teaching is at any level. Having a schedule with clear beginnings and endings helps.

And this weekend will mark a beginning and ending for many students as well. This is really the last group of graduating seniors at Kent that I will most likely have any direct contact with. I wish them — and the recent or soon-to-be grads everywhere — all the best. I expect some have jobs or plans for grad school or travel; most are looking for jobs at a time when the economy is still mired in a deep and prolonged recession.  The economy will get better. That’s no solace for those without a job today or tomorrow — or without a job they like or having one for which they are overqualified. But it’s a fact. The economy will rebound. And as you embark on your career, do whatever you do with enthusiasm — and maintain your integrity and civility.

If the asshats on Wall Street had learned that lesson a few years ago and then lived it there may be more jobs available today. Think about it.

OK. One last thing. Chrysler said yesterday it was eliminating essentially one in four of its dealers. And now GM is stepping up to the plate — with the expectation that it will shutter 2,600 of its 6,200 dealers. But get this. The Akron Beacon Journal reports this morning that GM isn’t going to disclose publicly which dealers are getting the hook. Here’s from the ABJ story:

GM will not make public the list of dealers it wants to close, GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said.

“We’re not required to,” Wilkinson said. “We want to keep the conversation between GM and the dealers.”

Tom, good luck with that communications strategy.

And have a fun weekend answering calls and e-mail from reporters and bloggers in every community in which GM has a dealer.



2 responses to “College Life — Beginnings and Endings

  1. Yeah…that’s a big old communications fail on their part. Love it when companies give people the middle finger and then throw up their hands and go: “We’re not obligated to tell you anything.”

    Now that’s winning hearts and minds. *Shakes head*

  2. Stuart,

    Totally agree. And the fact that GM is a ward these days of Mom and Pop Taxpayer you would think full disclosure on everything would be a given.

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