To Hell — For a Burger

OK. OK. I kinda stole that headline from USA Today. Or did I aggregate it? Not sure. Anyway I’m in D.C. for the next two days for the annual meeting of Corporate Voices for Working Families. And I was thinking about the USA Today story last night when I arrived here.

Here’s the story. It seems the Prez and VP Joe sneaked out of the White House the other day to grab a burger for lunch. They headed to Ray’s Hell-Burger in nearby Arlington — with staff and a pack of journalists tagging along. Ray’s Hell-Burger, as described in the USA Today article, is “an independent prime-beef burger joint where you order at the counter, sit at wooden tables and pay $6.95 for a burger.”

Sounds a little like Ray’s in Kent, Ohio, without the club sandwich. I digress.

And hey, I like this story — even knowing that in some ways it’s intended as a photo opportunity. It troubles me that elected officials — and policy wonks — in this country get a little too isolated. Good to get of the office — and beyond the Beltway. So I hope Obama, Biden and so on do more of this. And when they can find a place in the D.C. area to get anything to eat for $6.95, well, that gives me hope for the administration’s pledge of fiscal responsibility as well.

And I don’t expect that I’ll see the Prez during my stay here — but it’s likely that I’ll get to see Michelle Obama. The First Lady is expected to speak at the Corporate Voices’ meeting this morning — in conjunction with the release of a major new research report involving workplace flexibility options for hourly employees.  The report looks at the benefits to individuals and working families and to businesses — and the value all around is considerable.

I’ll share more details in future posts about the First Lady’s visit and about the study. It’s been an interesting last few weeks.

And I’m writing this from The Mayflower Hotel, one of those venues in D.C. that really has aged well. I first started staying here about 30 years ago during my frequent visits to the nation’s capital while working with BFGoodrich. It’s  good to be back — and it’s great to be in a place in D.C. where you can get coffee at 3 a.m. Woot.

And my room overlooks the offices of ABC News. Nobody working there, apparently.

I guess only bloggers and pajama-clad citizen journalists get the fingers (and the brain?) in action this early. Maybe there is hope for our democracy.


3 responses to “To Hell — For a Burger

  1. stuartcfoster7

    “I guess only bloggers and pajama-clad citizen journalists get the fingers (and the brain?) in action this early. Maybe there is hope for our democracy.”

    I so hope this is true. The journalistic integrity can’t really be broken in this way. Shameful on the part of ABC news btw…not to have any way up working. (Lame)

  2. Stuart,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll admit it. I was just kinda stretching a point. At 3 a.m. I didn’t see any lights on at the ABC offices, but they could have been working somewhere else in the building for all I know.

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