Daily Archives: April 3, 2009

Hug A Poet — And Be Happy

Hey, it’s Friday. I woke up and I’m still on the right side of the grass. And it was mild enough in NE Ohio at 5 a.m. to get in a good five-mile run despite the rain. Woot.

And like Prez O, I still have North Carolina alive and kicking in the NCAA tourney. And baseball begins next week as the Cleveland Indians begin what is certain to be a world championship season. Let’s hope that none of the World Series games are played in Citi Field. Holding a barf bag while watching TV is almost certain to take the edge off the October classic. I digress.

So why worry? Be happy. (Those of you under 40 will have decades to pay for the deficit-enhancing $3.5 trillion budget Congress passed yesterday. I digress again. And wait until the Beltway Blowhards start talking about slicing Social Security benefits. Then we’ll see who has a pitchfork stored in the garage.)

And April is National Poetry Month. I learned about that yesterday when I was at Kent State, talking to the Wick poets who are organizing the 25th anniversary celebration of the Wick Poetry Center April 23-25. My daughter, Jessica, received her MFA at Kent State and had a fellowship with Wick. I had the opportunity to meet Maggie Anderson, David Hassler and others connected with the Wick Poetry Center during my tenure as a faculty member at Kent, and I’ve tried to maintain that relationship since retiring. I’m even posting regularly to the Wick poetry blog.

So I enjoyed my visit at Kent State yesterday. There is nothing better than being on a college campus on an absolutely perfect spring day. And when you get to pull out of the Student Center parking lot by flashing your Ohio Golden Buckeye card instead of folding green — well, can it get any better? Nah.

So why worry? Be happy and enjoy the weekend.

And hug a poet. It won’t hurt any. Particularly if you are watching the NCAA finals without North Carolina on your sheet.