GM and Chrysler: Batter Up

Well, a little chilly this morning at 5 a.m. on the concrete in NE Ohio. But the birds are chirping. And we are only a little more than a week away from the start of baseball season. And I was thinking while circling the neighborhood, let’s opine on some positive things today.

OK. Here goes.

  • USA Today reports that more and more people are becoming optimistic about the economy. “For the past two weeks, the percentage of respondents in The Gallup Poll who say the economy is getting better has been steadily ticking up. Monday through Wednesday, 29% took the optimistic view — the highest number since 2007.”
  • For those of us getting ready to run a long-distance road race, there is a performance-enhancing drug available that is legal. It’s coffee. Well, caffeine, actually. Check out the NYT article, “It’s Time to Make a Coffee Run.”
  • Steve Wozniak is still Dancing with the Stars. And, hey. Until he gets the boot, there’s hope in life for all of us slightly out-of-shape, older guys. Wonder if Steve sings? American Idol could be the next stop. I digress.
  • Villanova crushed Duke last night. Woot. I have a glimmer of hope in the NCAA pool. By the way. Why does the guy/gal who organizes the office pool never seem to do anything else during the rest of the year? I digress again.

And then we get to GM and Chrysler. Remember how everyone was so mad at the auto companies and the Captains of Commerce a month or so ago. (Note to those in business school getting MBAs: Always fly commercial. If you learn nothing else, try to remember that.) Well, now that we have collectively put our pitchforks back in the garage after the AIG debacle last week, maybe the administration and the Beltway Blowhards in Congress will take a reasonable look at the automakers. Lot of jobs at stake here folks. Let’s try and give this a little thought.

And does it really make sense to force GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy — with one outcome being to void the contracts with workers and suppliers — when apparently a contract is a contract when it comes to the Wizards of Wall Street. Just a thought.

GM and Chrysler step to the plate again next week. Let’s hope there is some more good news to add to my list.

Let the weekend — and the games — begin.


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