“Brace for Impact”

Well, I’m living in Treadmill City again this morning. Everything is frozen in Northeast Ohio. Even Firefox, apparently. Oh well. Running inside gave me another opportunity to see and hear the news reports of “the miracle on the Hudson.” It was a miracle that nobody on the plane was killed. And a miracle that the plane didn’t come down in Midtown Manhattan. Think about that for a minute.

I first heard about the crash yesterday on Twitter. And one of the subsequent tweets made the point that the outcome wasn’t a miracle — but rather a reflection of the professionalism, skills and education of the pilot and crew. Fair enough.

“Brace for Impact.” Those aren’t the words that you want to hear from the pilot. But certainly Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger knew what he was doing. He’s a pro. Credit him for the miracle on the Hudson. And maybe “Sully” is the model for what we need these days from our leaders in government, business and education. He’s a competent professional. He has experience. And he certainly appears to have a strong sense of personal integrity. Reports I saw on Twitter and elsewhere indicated that he was the last one off the plane. Going up and down the aisle at least twice to make sure the passengers and crew were safe.

Wonder how quickly the executives at National City Bank, CitiGroup, Bank of America, on and on, would have been off that plane?

Brace for impact — because leaders with personal integrity are in short supply these days. And I say again — we need to emphasize a new ethic of responsibility.

For instance. Bank of America is heading back to the federal bailout trough for another $20 billion. I’ll admit that I don’t understand what is happening with the banks. Why was Bank of America permitted to acquire Merrill Lynch — which has huge losses related in part to pathetic and arrogant former management — if the bank itself is bleeding cash? And why is it easy, apparently, to send BoA a check for $20 billion while the Detroit automakers have to basically strip naked in public for a fraction of the dollars that are going to financial institutions. Something smells here, folks. Brace for impact.

And I wish Steve Jobs well. It looks like he has some serious health issues — and I hope he gets the privacy now that he wants and argues that he deserves. But at least two questions linger. Did Jobs and Apple break the law by not being more forthcoming (honest?) about his health? If there is no legal issue here, is there an ethical one? Brace for impact.

Then we get to the really big story as we head to the weekend. The Baltimore Ravens head to the Steel City Sunday.

Brace for impact.

roadkill Tip of a Steelers’ helmet to Allison Tomei for sharing the “Ravens road kill.”

Stay warm.

Go Steelers!


5 responses to ““Brace for Impact”

  1. I knew I like Allison Tomei. πŸ™‚

  2. I think I’m a fan of Allison’s as well… Great blog, Rob. I can’t wait for that game on Sunday. I’ve been trash talking to my collegues all week… let’s hope I don’t have to eat my terrible towel. πŸ™‚

  3. Laura, Hi. And Happy New Year. Yeah. Allison is a bad influence on me. But the Terrible Towel should be safe for another year.

    And the news in the other comment about opening day being only 83 days from now. Wow. That’s the best news I’ve had this week.

    Kait, It’s almost time to play ball!

  4. I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

  5. The pilot certainly did a great job. The more you see of the plane floating in the river the more appreciation you have for his professionalism and for the crew in general. Also have to credit the quick work of the first responders in NYC. Saw an excellent segment on CNN about that last night.

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