Go ahead — make your day

Eastwood is fantastic. A career triumph. Dust off the Oscar.

Jewell — PR on the run

There. Now I can add movie critic to my resume. And I have to admit it. I did enjoy Gran Torino, the Eastwood flick that made its way into general release over the weekend. Usually I don’t go to movies until they have been playing for several weeks (sometimes months). Too many people. It’s like being stuck for several hours in an airplane that doesn’t move an inch on the runway.

So I figured I’d take advantage of the eight-inch snowfall Saturday and head to the theater. Glad I did. And Eastwood really is at the top of his game in this one. It’s like Dirty Harry relocating to Detroit and retiring from Ford as his world comes apart. And that’s what I think is special about this movie. It easily could have turned into a parody of Eastwood’s career as an actor. It didn’t — and he emerges as a candidate for an Oscar not as a reward for a long career but for recognition of his performance.

Despite my review — this isn’t a movie that will resonate with young audiences. And it’s not politically correct. Good. So go ahead. Sneak out of work today and watch the movie. It will make your day.

And speaking of politics. Ohio’s senior senator, George Voinovich, is expected to announce today that he won’t seek reelection when his term ends in 2010. I know many Republicans don’t view Voinovich as being conservative enough. And he has taken some heat for strongly pushing the auto bailout package and other decisions.

Still, I think Voinovich is a good public official — a good leader — during terms as senator, governor and mayor of Cleveland. Governing at the conservative and liberal extremes doesn’t work in this country. So OK. Voinovich generally is in the middle — but doing, at least in my opinion — apparently what he thinks is right for his constituents and the country. Expect we would be better off  if more politicians followed that model. (Interesting perspective in a Plain Dealer Story this morning, “Sen. George Voinovich, a fiscal conservative careful on government spending, may back economic stimulus package.”

And I’ve mentioned this in previous posts.

I head to D.C. occasionally these days on business — taking a Continental shuttle from Cleveland to Reagan National. Voinovich has been on the same flight at least twice. Not sure exactly why. But I like that, and it makes me think that maybe he is just trying to put in an honest day’s work like the rest of us.

And dare I say it? The road to the Super Bowl heads through Pittsburgh — as usual. Hope my cable TV doesn’t go out again next Sunday. I managed to miss part of the third quarter — although I guess San Diego only managed to touch the ball twice. And one of those times one of the Chargers thought he was playing soccer and tried to head the ball to the end zone.  So it goes.


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