A shout-out goes to…

Shout-out. I love that expression. Not sure I paid much attention to it, or even knew it existed, before the election. Guess I’ll have to give a shout-out to Sarah Palin. (Note to self: Keep an eye out for the Playboy spread.) And I didn’t have much luck checking the origin of the term. Even Bill Safire, the language guru of The New York Times and elsewhere, wasn’t very specific. Probably doesn’t matter.

I’ll keep using it, particularly if shout-out goes out of favor now. I’m pretty good at being a late-adopter. So here goes.

  • A shout-out goes to Bill Clinton. Hey, the Big Dog’s back for a third term. Most of Clinton’s former advisers are leading the transition team of President-elect Obama and will most likely end up in key spots in the administration. Heading the list, John Podesta, former Clinton White House chief of staff.
  • A shout-out goes to Rahm Emanuel. Another former Clinton adviser, Emanuel is giving up his House seat to become Obama’s chief of staff. By all accounts, Emanuel is wound a little tight. That should be interesting as we enter the new era of bipartisanship. And according to Jack Shafer writing in Slate, Emanuel likes to leak stories and then keep tabs on how reporters use the info. After leaving the White House in 1998, Emanuel made some $18 million in two plus years before heading to Congress. Maybe Obama should have named him Treasury Secretary; the way we are bailing out banks, insurance companies, investment firms, etc. every buck is going to count.
  • A shout-out goes to the Captains of the Big Three Auto Makers. Hi, ho. Hi, ho. It’s off to D.C. we go — hat in hand. See point above. OK. We’re going to have to rescue the auto industry; too many millions of Americans who actually have to work for a living depend on these manufacturing jobs. But, please, let’s make sure that the Captains of Industry don’t benefit personally from the bailout. And please, can they stop giving speeches to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufactuers about the threat of too much government involvement in our nation’s ecomony. And Obama’s the socialist? What a hoot.
  • A shout-out goes Robert Gibbs. Gibbs is the designated White House press secretary. And reports in Politico and elsewhere indicate he’s a good choice for the job. Of course, Scott McClellan and Dana Perino have set the bar so low that Barney the White House dog could have done better. In fact, when Barney bit the Reuters reporter last week it sent a message that I’m sure most PR people would like to deliver at some point in their careers — and in the same manner. Maybe Rahm Emanuel will keep Barney on staff as a PR consultant. See point above.
  • A shout-out goes to E. Gordon Gee. The Ohio State University prez received a new pay package over the weekend that gives him the chance to earn $2 million a year. Everything I’ve heard and read about Gee is that he is an excellent university president — with a record of success at all his various career stops. Still, I wonder how much the student tuition and fees are at OSU these days? And how hard is it for some (most?) of the students to find jobs in a recession economy and obtain student loans? Yeah, Gee still probably doesn’t make what football coach Jim Tressel makes. But at least we know that Tressel is working some weekends in the fall. Note to Kent State Trustees and Lester Lefton: Don’t even think about it.
  • A shout-out to my wealth-creation adviser at Merrill Lynch. What’s up? Did Bank of America disconnect your phone?

See, I told you I love the expression shout-out.


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