Voting and the Pittsburgh Steelers

imagesBarack Obama sent me another thoughtful e-mail message last night. I know he has been busy these past few weeks. Yet he has made every effort to keep me personally informed about the campaign, the need for money and now a gentle reminder about the essential last step: to get out and vote.

Here’s the e-mail he sent Monday night at about 9 p.m. I was dozing through Dancing With the Stars. Otherwise I would have replied immediately.

Rob —

We’re just one day away from change.

Election Day is tomorrow — Tuesday, November 4th.

We’ve asked you to do a lot over the course of the campaign, and you’ve always come through.

Right now, I’m asking you to do one last thing — vote tomorrow, and make sure everyone you know votes, too.

[Then in the body of the e-mail there is a link to polling locations.]

When this campaign began, we weren’t give much of a chance by the pollsters or the pundits.

But tomorrow, we can make history.

We’ve made it this far because supporters like you never stopped believing in your power to bring about real change.

Take the final step now.

Watch the video, find your polling location, and get everyone you know involved on Election Day.

With your vote, and the votes of your friends, family, and neighbors, we won’t just win this election — together, we will change this country and change the world.

Thank you,


OK gang. Please take the time to vote today — whether you support Obama or John McCain. It’s important. And then display your “I Voted” sticker with pride. I voted three weeks ago when there weren’t any lines. So I’ve already lost my sticker. But you get the idea.

And I probably shouldn’t do this, since it has the potential to reduce voter turnout. But it’s clear that Barack Obama is going to win. I don’t base that projection on polls or the analysis of early voter patterns. We know from the primaries that those numbers are always wrong.

Rather, I project Obama as the winner based on a historical fact. According to an article in USA Today this morning, “in all but one of 16 presidential elections dating to 1940, a Redskins defeat in their final home game before the election has foreshadowed a loss by the incumbent party in the election.”

fr-nflFor those of you not watching Monday Night Football — It was the Pittsburgh Steelers 23, Washington Redskins 6.

Thank God the Steelers were playing — and not the Cleveland Browns.


6 responses to “Voting and the Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. Your post leads to one other inevitable conclusion: The Irish are no longer lucky.

    Former Notre Dame standout Brady Quinn has been named starting QB for the Browns this week, which means he’ll likely get pretty beat up. Ditto for the candidate Quinn supported in this election: John McCain.

    Too bad. I kinda like that kid.

  2. Hmmm. Always have to get your Steelers involved in EVERY issue of the day, don’t you Rob?

    Another unscientific reading, at least in this neck of the woods, to gauge how Reagan Democrats will vote is if you see bumper stickers for the Dem candidate on American cars. Never saw ONE when Kerry ran; there were a few when Gore ran; I’ve seen some for Obama this time around, which would bode well for him.

  3. Tim, It’s going to be interesting to see what happens today in Ohio. I think it’s about the economy here. And last week GM floated the trial balloon that it might have to cut back at Lordstown. That can’t help any.

    And Bill, you were just a young kid in the early 70s, but I remember the situation involving the Steelers and another Notre Dame quarterback: Terry Hanratty. Similar situation as the Browns face. Two quarterbacks — Hanratty and Terry Bradshaw drafted at essentially the same time — constant controversy. And the argument was that Hanratty from Notre Dame was a “smart” player and that Bradshaw wasn’t quite smart enough. Bradshaw opined that he wasn’t sure how smart you had to be to toss the pigskin down field 50 or so yards. Seen Hanratty on TV lately?

  4. I hope the margin of victory for Obama is as large as the one the Steelers had last night.

    I also like the photo of Obama with the Steelers jersey. I hadn’t seen that one before.

    Let’s hope all turns out well for Obama today!

  5. Nice article pops. I am just about to retire for the night after watching Obama’s speech. He left me feeling inspired and motivated in a way that I always hoped I would feel being an American. I can’t wait to talk to my students about it tomorrow. Keep an ear to Hannity tomorrow afternoon to hear about the end of days. And remember, I promised Colorado would go Blue!

  6. And as for me, I suppose I’ve never been more proud to be an American than to watch the elections–and the people who care about America–from abroad. It may be cliche, but the world was watching. And more than a distant Hungarian or a distant Slovakian or a distant Scot, I was so proud to be an American last night.

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