Obama has my vote

I begin by saluting the great philosopher Roberto Duran, the retired pro boxing champ. Duran surrendered the welterweight title in 1980 during a fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. During the 8th round Duran stopped, turned, walked to his corner and proudly proclaimed: “no mas.” Bravo.

No more.

My no mas moment came yesterday morning.

I checked my retirement savings account — down more than 30 percent this year and heading south like the Snowbirds on I-95.

And I read an article about Obama and McCain opining about who would best catch Osama bin Laden — while the real terrorists these days are holed up on Wall Street.

So I turned from my computer, walked to my Jeep, drove to the election headquarters and cast an absentee ballot for Barack Obama.

And I’m as giddy about it as imagine the late, great James Brown would be singing at a college sorority party in the 1970s. Hey, I feel good.

Here’s why. And here’s why I made the decision.

First, the Republicans have crashed the world economy. McCain might be a new conductor — but he’s riding the same old train.

Second, if as a nation we’ve decided to emulate France, there is no point in electing a military leader. C’mon, folks. In two world wars France folded faster than a tent in a hurricane.

Third, I like Sarah Palin — at least she has some balls. Unlike most of the other candidates. Yet something tells me we are more likely to see her in Playboy than on Mount Rushmore.

Fourth, none of the candidates are talking specifically about the important issues: the economy, education, health care, Iraq, on and on. They don’t get it. For instance, they believe bin Laden is hiding in a cave in Pakistan or Afghanistan. My guess is that he is living in a condo in West Palm Beach — along with all the other retired terrorists who have been forced to flee Wall Street.

Fifth, if Obama wins it will be at least eight years before Bill and Hillary Clinton make it back to the White House. By that time someone will be spoon-feeding me my oatmeal.

Sixth, I’m now free to devote my full attention and energy to something that really matters: the baseball playoffs and the World Series.

Watch the next presidential debate?


No mas.


3 responses to “Obama has my vote

  1. My fingers are crossed and I’m holding my breath until Nov. 5. I did my research and objective opinion-making months ago. What’s left? The most irresistible time to watch “The Daily Show,” I suppose. It’s one of the few things that makes the playing out of “debates” worth the time.

    But why not call the debates what they really are: side-by-side stumps… pontification in sound bites… brainstorming for the next mudslinging ad?

    We don’t even judge the “winner” by points made or surrendered, just who didn’t totally mess it up.

    But way to go! As I like to say: vote Obama… early and often. (Knock on wood and throw some salt.) We should all follow your early voting lead.

  2. Yeah, cross your toes as well. And let’s hope that by the time Obama takes office in January there is still an American economy to manage.

    By the way, without “The Daily Show” there wouldn’t be any news these days.


  3. Thumbs up Rob. I probably would have voted too if I could. Don’t you think the absentee ballot is an awesome idea?

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