Corporate Voices and social media

It’s really been a great summer for running here in Northeast Ohio. Especially if you hit the concrete at 5 a.m. every morning. I don’t recall a day when it has rained that early; and until this morning, almost no wind, just a light breeze. I’ll probably see some rain this weekend though. I’m heading to Washington along with Hurricane Hanna. Oh well.

Next week should be interesting. I’ll be at the annual meeting of Corporate Voices for Working Families — listening to presentations by some heavy hitters in education, government and business. We’re going to have representatives from the Obama and McCain campaigns give us a look at the fall elections. And Tony Wagner, who has written several books on the crisis in public school education, will be one of the keynote presenters. Wagner heads the Change Leadership Group, part of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

But I’m really excited about a communications panel that I am organizing for the meeting. The topic: Merging the Paths of Old and New Media. Joining me on the panel are:

Paull Young, senior account executive, Converseon in New York City. I expect Paull is known to several readers of this blog; we have mutual friends Kait Swanson, Abby Laner and Luke Armour. I’ve never met Paull. But we have been talking now for about a year via blog posts, e-mail and Twitter.

Sacha Chua, a Web 2.0 consultant and developer with IBM in Canada. I wrote previously about the work Sacha is doing to enhance internal communications with a very diverse workforce at IBM and elsewhere. She really gets it.

And John Wolf, senior director of public relations at Marriott. John’s background is in broadcast journalism, but now he is implementing a variety of new communications activities involving social media and different approaches to news media relations. And Marriott is one of the company’s where the CEO does blog — regularly and very well. Bill Marriott doesn’t know how to use a computer. So an assistant takes his handwritten posts and formats them. You can follow the blog on Twitter.

It’s a new communications world folks. And that’s what we will be talking about. How to merge old and new media into a communications strategy that gets results.

I’ll be writing about the communications panel and the meeting next week. And I’ll try not to get into any trouble with the Washington media elite. Yeah, the unfair and uncivil coverage of Sarah Palin still bugs me.


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