PRKent moves “inside-the-Beltway”

Stick with me for a minute with the title. It will work. But first — I was thinking while running this morning that I really want to start writing more about education and some of the other issues I’m working on now with Corporate Voices for Working Families in Washington. Yet I’m still fried about the pathetic media coverage involving Sarah Palin and her daughter.

OK. I’m going to get over it. And I’m not even planning to vote for her. But the news coverage these past few days says something about the significant changes that have reshaped journalism in the country. It also says something about the “inside-the-Beltway” mentality that really does exist. And not just from the standpoint of the news media. But how legislators and advocacy people (of which I’m one) and groups work to shape public policy.

I’m not convinced that those who spend all their lives living and working inside-the -Beltway really are in step with what’s going on throughout this country. I felt that way when I first started working with government relations people and organizations in Washington in the early 1980s. I feel the same way today.

Here’s an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal (online) this morning, “The Beltway Boys.”  The quick take:

Even as the Obama camp ponders how best to handle John McCain’s veep pick of Sarah Palin, the high priests and priestesses of the media have marked her as an apostate. The Beltway class is in full-throated rebellion against a nondomesticated conservative who might pose a threat to their coronation of Barack Obama and the return of Camelot-on-the-Potomac.

OK. I’m over it. And now I get to try to make the headline work.

Next week I’m going to be in Washington for the Corporate Voices’ annual meeting and for an event we are hosting to honor members of Congress for their support of legislation and polices that help to improve the lives of working families. I’ll share some of the information and talks from the meeting — which features experts in education, public policy and legislation and corporate social responsibility.

But what I am really looking forward to is the addition of Allison Tomei to the staff of Corporate Voices for Working Families. Allison is a recent PRKent grad — and she will be coordinating communications and government relations. One of her first duties. Possibly helping to manage the national news media if Joe Biden shows up for breakfast next week.

Allison’s relocating to Washington from her home in Pittsburgh. That’s good. It extends the reach of PR Kent “inside-the-Beltway.” It also extends the reach of the Steeler Nation.

Hey, we have to do everything we can to get this country back on track.

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