Sarah Palin, public perception and running

Uhh, would we have felt better if John McCain had picked another old white man to stand next to him? Nah. C’mon. Give Sarah Palin a break. If nothing else, she’s a runner.

I’ll admit that her resume is a little thin. But when did being underqualified stop us from electing someone to political office, federal, state or local? Good grief.  We elected George W. twice — for president.

And I’ll admit that I’m almost certain to support and vote for Obama/Biden. I think this country is on the wrong path. We’re running in the wrong direction.  And we need change — fast.

Yet in a way that last notion — change — intrigues me about McCain’s selection of Palin. She’s certainly someone outside the Beltway. Good for her. And would McCain have been better off picking someone else. Let’s see.

Mitt Romney — OMG. I don’t think even McCain liked him.

Tim Pawlenty — Yawn.

Tom Ridge — You can only have one candidate from Pennsylvania. It’s Biden.

Joe Lieberman — Good luck. Would McCain have received any votes from Republican conservatives?

So it comes down to this. McCain, a Beltway insider, is going to run as a maverick — someone who will change things. And standing next to him, instead of Mitt, Tim, Tom or Joe, is Sarah. Let’s see what the public perception is of her in the next week or so.

As best I can tell at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, here’s the prevailing view about Sarah Palin right now, expressed by Linda Bergthold, writing in the The Huffington Post, “The VP Choice that Lost the Presidency for McCain.”

We’ll see. Helping to create — or change — the public’s perception is one reason why so many PR people are gainfully employed throughout this great country.

And who knows. If the early view of Palin changes and she gets to move inside the Beltway, maybe she’ll invite me for a run during one of my trips to D.C.

Hey. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 20 some years ago. I still know my way around the nation’s capital.

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