We’ll always have Paris

Well, as Rick said to llsa as he was putting her on the plane to leave Casablanca: “We’ll always have Paris.” And thanks to John McCain’s stupid attack ad, we may have Paris to talk about throughout the campaign. There is a communications lesson here. But first. Let’s play the video.

I’m not much into movie metaphors, but some critics argue that that scene depicts the last time that America could control her own destiny. I digress. But consider that point as we continue on the path to November.

Anyway, here’s the story. And it’s from The Huffington Post: “Paris Hilton Shows Up John McCain.” The Paris Hilton video has already had around 3 million views — and has attracted as much, if not more, attention than did McCain’s ad. Here’s The Huffington Post story:

Two lessons from this viral Paris Hilton striking back at “wrinkly , white-haired guy” John McCain on “Funny Or Die”:

(1) It’s gotten 2,812,325 views in 18 hours.
(2) If you’re going to mount an attack ad, make sure it’s not capable of being completely skewered by Paris Hilton in a much better, funnier, and cleverer ad that your opponent didn’t even have to pay for.

I think Obama and his campaign people understand the wild new world of online journalism and communications. Not sure about McCain.

But if he doesn’t get it, then we’ll always have Paris.


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