Paris Hilton strikes back

Well, John McCain started it. And now Paris Hilton is striking back with her own video. And c’mon, folks. She has a pretty interesting take on energy policy. Certainly no worse than some other candidates, national and local.

And who knows. If she could get Jedi Master Yoda to run with her as VP — well, maybe the Force would be with them.

You’ll have to check out the video at funnyordie. The video has already been pulled from YouTube because of a copyright snafu. It folded quicker than Joe Biden in the presidential primaries. Hope Paris Hilton has better luck if she is throwing her tank top into the race.

While everyone else is consumed with the PRWeek blogging contest — I’ll be keeping a close eye on this situation with Paris Hilton. And if it turns out she is not being given the opportunity to participate fully in the presidential campaign and in the development of national energy policy — well, things could get nasty. WTF


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