John McCain: Taking a closer look

OK. I’ll admit it. When I toiled in Corporate America, making big bucks, I was pretty conservative. Now that I’m just a poor pensioner on a fixed income I’m as liberal as the next guy. Still, John McCain did something this week that should prod all of us lost souls from the 60s to take a closer look.

McCain was (is?) in Sturgis, S.D., for a massive party that attracts bikers and others from around the nation. Here’s the brief read from The Huffington Post:

STURGIS — What does it say about the McCain Campaign that the poster for Monday’s event featured a bar blond in chaps and bikini-top riding a buffalo, her left hand in a tuft of b-hair, her right cradling a beer?

Ugh. I don’t know. Doesn’t sound all that bad to me!

But, as regular readers here know, I’m losing it.

And then there is another story with the headline: McCain Suggest Wife Participates in Topless Contest, also related to the festivities in Sturgis.

I’m actually OK with that too.

In politics, as in journalism, shouldn’t we be for full disclosure?


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