Phil Gramm: Going, going, uh, gone

Well, as predicted, not many read my post yesterday about public relations. Yawn. But hey. Someone must be reading this blog. How else do you explain that Phil Gramm called it quits last night as an adviser to John McCain? And that just a few days after I took him to task for whining about us being a nation of whiners.

Here’s from Jonathan Martin, writing on

Former Sen. Phil Gramm is stepping down from his post as national co-chair for John McCain a week after creating headaches for the campaign by calling Americans “whiners” and saying the country was only experiencing a “mental recession.”

In a statement issued tonight, after the national news broadcasts, Gramm, a former Texas senator-turned-investment banker, said he didn’t want to be a distraction.

“It is clear to me that Democrats want to attack me rather than debate Senator McCain on important economic issues facing the country,” said Gramm, who has been one of McCain’s economic advisers. “That kind of distraction hurts not only Senator McCain’s ability to present concrete programs to deal with the country’s problems, it hurts the country.”

Oh, Phil. I hate to say it but the Democrats (and just about everyone else) have bigger fish to fry than attacking you. Another statement like that — and you’re a candidate for the coveted Scotty, an award named after Scott McClellan that spotlights ineptness and nonsense (and sometimes flat-out lying) in media statements.


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