Pittsburgh Steelers on the block

Oh Sweet Maria. Can things get any worse? The Cleveland Indians are in last place. Houses in Cleveland are selling for less than used Yugos. And GM is teetering on bankruptcy. While A-list (ha,ha) blogger Bob Lutz of FlastLane fame is on summer hiatus.

Well, yes. The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the block. Here’s the story from the Wall Street Journal online (don’t even try without a subscription):

Steelers Shopped to Potential Buyers

July 7, 2008 7:07 p.m.

The storied Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise has been secretly shopped to potential buyers amid continuing divisions among the five sons of the team’s founder, Art Rooney Sr.

The talks affect not only one of America’s iconic sports franchises, but one of its most fabled sports families. Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, who helped build the National Football League and is the oldest of the five sons, wants to consolidate his control by acquiring most of his brothers’ shares in the Steelers over 10 years, those briefed on the talks said.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger leaps into the endzone to score against the Cleveland Browns last November.

In a statement Monday afternoon, Dan Rooney confirmed these efforts and said, “I have spent my entire life devoted to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the National Football League. I will do everything possible to work out a solution to ensure my father’s legacy of keeping the Steelers in the Rooney family and in Pittsburgh for at least another 75 years.”

The statement said the company is restructuring its ownership to ensure compliance with NFL rules. Dan Rooney “wants to stay in the football business while some of his four brothers plan to get out of the NFL and focus their business efforts on their racetracks and other interests.” The statement said that Dan Rooney and his son, Steelers President Art Rooney II, are arranging a financing plan to buy Dan’s brothers’ shares in the team in order to continue substantial ownership of the franchise by the Rooneys.

But some of the brothers and younger third-generation family members are asking whether a better deal can be put together, if there is to be an ownership change.

However its fate is decided, the Steelers franchise is a rich prize. The team has won five Super Bowl titles and been among the most dominant in the league for 30 years. They play in a new riverfront stadium that routinely sells out its 65,000 seats. And their fan base is famously loyal, reaching far beyond western Pennsylvania.

The Steeler Nation stands on guard tonight. For me, I’m heading to the closet and pulling out the Terrible Towel, the original circa 1972. And all this following the death of Myron Cope.

Conspiracy theories, anyone?

Who gave the “brothers and third-generation family members” a vote? This is important. It’s Pittsburgh Steelers football. It’s not a democracy. WTF.

To my KSU college roommate, still Pittsburgh resident and former co-owner with me of Steelers’ season tickets Tom Kollar: c’mon man. Get off the retirement bench and get back in the game. This is important stuff. Hi diddle diddle. Rogel up the middle. (You had to have been there. Trust me.)


9 responses to “Pittsburgh Steelers on the block

  1. wtf does this mean? I have lived with you for 34 years and I still don’t understand all of the inunendo–Pittsburgese– comments you make. Probably because I mostly don’t care–sorry–I’m sure your children probably do!

    Anyway, I’m still sad that Roger Federer lost yesterday!

  2. What? So after 34 years of marriage the truth comes out. You’re a Cleveland Browns fan in a Steelers T-shirt. WTF? That’s the same question Cynthia Rodriquez asked A-Rod about Madonna. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601079&sid=aCRf6nKrPbcQ&refer=home

    And I told you Federer couldn’t beat Nadel.

    Gee. This is social media, Web 2.0 at its finest!

  3. But wanted you to be wrong so bad. I love Roger and I know that Nadal if the newcomer but come on–Roger needed at least one more for the record.

    And what does social media Web 2.0 mean? Speak in English please! You’re supposed to be the communicator–remember KISS.

  4. We’re sitting less than a yard from each other. You’re making a mockery of this whole blog thing. What would Steve Reubel, the human aggregator, say?

    And KISS my..oops. Sorry about that.

    And the Steelers are for sale. Who cares about some guy from Spain who can it hit 300 or so shots directly on the line at Wimbelton? Can’t everyone?

    Could he gain a yard — fourth and goal — against the Cowboys for the Super Bowl.

    Go ahead. Fourth down and less than three feet from your chair to mine. Give it a shot!

  5. Oh my God! What can I say to that. I am so done.

  6. Bloggers, like journalists, always get the last word. Sweet.

  7. O

  8. We’ve been Steeler fans forever& we can’t believe this could be happening. We live in Fla.& purchased direct tv so we could watch all steeler games. Rise up fans & stop this.

  9. Jackie,

    I agree. We have to alert the Steeler Nation. Things, clearly, are going from bad to worse.

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