The Washington connection: Waiting for Scotty

Just came back from two days in DC. I took a Continental flight from Cleveland to Reagan/National and back. And I’ll admit it. At my age it is still quite a thrill to take your clothes off in public.

Since the airlines take a lot of well-deserved criticism these days, I figure I need to tell the truth here. The flights were excellent. Both left and arrived on time. Only problem is that either I am getting fatter or the seats skinnier. Yet I’m better off than most. The flight attendant had to pry some out of their seats with a crowbar. (OK. I lied. But that day will come. Wait and see.)

Anyway, I wonder if our flight to Washington was good because our two U.S. senators from Ohio, George Voinovich and Sherrod Brown, were on the plane? I was going to ask them if they had to remove their shoes, belts, watches, wallets, etc. And if they had to juggle sliding trays with laptops, clear bottles, coats, etc. But figured I better keep my mouth shut. Otherwise could be blogging with a address.

I also would have liked to have talked to the two senators about Scott McClellan. But why ruin the flight? And Congress will get its chance to talk to McClellan next week. The former press secretary is going to testify under oath June 20 before the House Judiciary Committee. That should be interesting. He has admitted that as press secretary he on occasion withheld the truth and wasn’t always forthcoming with the facts. Now he is going before Congress where throwing curve balls isn’t always the best strategy. Ask Roger Clemens.

And I’ll be ready to award the coveted Scotty. But something tells me that I’m one of the few who cares about Scott McClellan and whether he told the truth while he was the president’s press secretary — or whether he is now as best-selling author. Maybe it’s one of those outside-the-beltway stories. Certainly didn’t hear many talking about it during my brief visit.

But there was still plenty of discussion (at least in the bar I was in close to the George Washington University campus) about what a Fox News commentator has described as the Obama “terrorist fist jab.” Oh, mama.

Thank God I kept my hands to myself while going through security at the Cleveland airport.


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