Here’s looking at you, kid

I wrote earlier today about CEOs and blogging. And I know that most of you reading this blog could give a rat’s ass about whether CEOs blog or not. I guess I care in some small way. Although I’m most likely done writing about it.

Anyway, I was enjoying dinner with my wife, Mary, and daughter, Jessica. I mentioned that the fact that Bob Lutz is always mentioned in articles about blogging reminded me of a scene from the movie Casablanca. It comes at the end of the movie. Humphrey Bogart (Rick) shoots Major Strausser (the German leader in Casablanca) and Claude Raines (the head of the free French) tells the police: “Major Strausser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects.”

Bob Lutz. Etc.

And then Jessica says: “I’ve never seen Casablanca.” OMG. Where have I failed as a parent? As I have said previously, Jessica is the writer in the family. And if you want to see excellent writing, check out her blog.

But — never seeing Casablanca. Oh, mama.

Well, here’s looking at you, kid.

By the way, this was pretty much the last time that America controlled its own destiny. It’s been pretty much downhill since then. So it goes.


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