Military pooh-bahs revisited

Well, maybe this is turning out to be truth, honesty and disclosure month. Scott McClellan appears to have had his day in the sun. PRSA is back to promoting webinars. And Congress is about ready to take a look at an issue raised by The New York Times in April. The deceptive use of military pooh-bahs to help sell the war in Iraq.

Sheldon Rampton writes in The Weekly Spin (Center for Media and Democracy’s weekly e-mail newsletter) “Congress Orders Investigation into Pentagon Pundit Scandal“:

By a voice vote, the U.S. Congress passed an amendment last week to the Defense Authorization Act for FY2009, forbidding the U.S. Department of Defense to engage in “propaganda purposes within the United States not otherwise specifically authorized by law.”

Probably more important is that the amendment requires an investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to study and report back to Congress on “the extent to which the Department of Defense has violated the prohibition on propaganda” already established in previous laws passed by Congress.

I wrote about this previously. As did Arianna Huffington and a host of others.

Based on what we have learned during the last few months, I expect we can all keep our fingers and toes crossed that the next administration will be more truthful, honest and open. And perhaps that the news media will be more questioning and vigilant.

And let’s hope that Congress has more success getting at the truth involving the military pooh-bahs than it did with Roger Clemens.


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