Mr. Bill — He’s back

Oh, nooooo! Mr. Bill is back. Actually, two Mr. Bills were in the news today. Let’s look at the most important first.

An article in The New York Times says MasterCard is bringing back Mr. Bill — the iconic small clay figure that first appeared on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s. Wendy Lee says it best in The Times article:

The small clay figure that appeared in “Saturday Night Live” short films three decades ago — being dismembered, pulverized and humiliated to his falsetto cries of “Oh, nooooo!” — will be the latest star of MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign.

Hard to believe that those of us who actually lived through the 70s took great delight in sitting around and replying to others with: “Oh, noooo!”  Maybe it was the forerunner of “wazzup.” And maybe it explains why Scott McClellan says George Bush can’t remember whether he used cocaine or not. Folks, think about it.

And then there is the other Mr. Bill: Bill Clinton.

Seems the former president is none too happy about a story about him in Vanity Fair written by Todd Perdum, a former New York Times reporter who happens to be married to Clinton’s first press secretary Dee Dee Myers.  An article in the Huffington Post by Mayhill Fowler says that Mr. Bill called Perdum a “Sleasy,” “Slimy,” “Scumbag.”

Oh, nooooh!

But let’s admit it, is there a public relations person alive — myself included — who hasn’t wanted to say that about a reporter somewhere, sometime? So it goes.

And as I finish writing this CNN is by the minute providing the delegate count leading to Obama’s nomination. I’m actually glad about this for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that Obama’s run for the presidency has brought a new generation of young people into politics.


We can’t live in the 70s forever.


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