CBS News: “That’s the way it is”

Well it looks like Katie Couric and CBS News are preparing to go their separate ways. And there is already considerable speculation about who will be the next occupant of the anchor chair.

I have a suggestion. Why not bring back Walter Cronkite?

What got me thinking about this was the fact that yesterday — April 16 — was the day in 1962 when Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of The CBS Evening News. When he retired from that position nearly 20 years later Cronkite was viewed by many as the most trusted man in American — and CBS News was riding high. That’s the way it was.

But not today. Reports have it that CBS News is pretty much in disarray — with rumors making the rounds last week that the network might join its news gathering operations with CNN. Wonder what Edward R. Murrow would think of that?

And I don’t quite understand why the ratings for the Couric newscasts are so dismal. She has solid news credentials and is pleasant enough on the air. I guess figuring that out is why Leslie Moonves is making the big bucks as head of CBS.

Maybe one reason is that the total audience for network news continues to get smaller — and older. I generally watch NBC and Brian Williams, and it’s such a comfort during dinner to see the parade of ads for adult diapers, artificial sources of fiber and prescription drugs. Wonder if the same ads are on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report?

So why not bring back Cronkite? He is still trusted and respected. At 90, he is most likely only a few years older than the majority of viewers of the network news.

And remember: He’s the one who helped us get out of Vietnam.

That’s the way it is.


3 responses to “CBS News: “That’s the way it is”

  1. Shelley Prisco

    Some 90-year-olds wouldn’t mind working. I know of a 96-year-old man that wants to go back and work at his daughter’s CPA business. It was a business that he started years ago. Maybe Walter Cronite would consider it. There are the few, but rare, that would resurrect their careers.

  2. Good call Dad. Maybe he would describe Iraq as a quagmire and help us get out of there as well.

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