Football and conspiracy theories

This one comes with a tip of the helmet to Bill Sledzik. And I know I should be focusing on something really important — like the pros and cons of the social media news release. But what the hell. It’s Friday afternoon. And as Alan Jackson so correctly observes: “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

Now what about football? Seems like the NFL owners at their annual meeting next week will consider a proposal to “ban players  from having hair flow from their helmets below their names on the back of their jerseys.” Not sure I know exactly what hair flow means. But I guess we get the picture.

images1.jpegCall it the Troy Polamalu rule. Good grief. Couldn’t they just make the helmets bigger?
I guess you could argue that this is a safety issue. Yet when I see 350-pound linemen plowing into each other at full speed it seems like safety isn’t the NFL’s top concern.

And I’m not much for conspiracy theories. Although I still have reservations that Oswald could even hit the side of a building if he were standing right next to it.

So doesn’t it seem strange that when we last even thought about the NFL a few months ago Senator Arlen Specter was threatening to hold congressional hearings concerning the Patriots and their fondness for video taping games and practices?

What ever happened to that?  Could it be that this idea to shear Polamalu is really only a ruse to coverup the video scandal? Remember Nixon and Watergate. Stranger things have happened.

And remember that this proposal comes only a short time after the death of one of the leaders of the Steeler Nation: Myron Cope. 



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