Poets and public relations

This is going to be a stretch — linking poets and public relations. But here goes. Last week I wrote about the anniversary of the start of the Iraq war and said that we didn’t always in the country view wars with such apathy and acceptance. And I mentioned to my daughter that maybe it was time to alert the poets.

Then over the weekend I was in Washington.  And guess what? Poets were leading a demonstration at the White House protesting the war. Who says a blog like this can’t shape public opinion? Well, OK. I won’t take any credit. Bill Sledzik apparently has the power to paralyze Northeast Ohio with a blizzard with a mere mention on Facebook. But then his Technorati rating is about 1,000 times higher than mine.

But the poets were heading to the White House — and back in the game. Here’s an article — Averse to War — in The Washington Post. It says in part:

The poets are in town. Dozens — no, hundreds. Hundreds of poets. Can you imagine? They are everywhere.

And more:

Also, to mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, they are ready to march on the White House.

Who isn’t right?

But poets?

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m encouraged. Maybe the poets can help us get out of this mess. Doesn’t appear that anyone else — or any other group — has the interest or ability to shape public opinion against a war these days. Maybe when American Idol is over for the season.

And sorry. Guess I couldn’t figure out a way to link poetry to public relations after all.


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  1. Thanks for this.

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