Bloggers and CEOs

Well, Kent State is closed again this morning. I’ve been stuck inside on the treadmill for the past week or so. And I’m thinking about what bloggers have in common with dysfunctional CEOs.

OK. I probably wouldn’t be thinking about that except for an interesting article in The New York Times on Saturday: “Avoiding a Problem C.E.O.”

Terry Leap is a management professor at Clemson University. He writes in Sloan Management Review that unsuccessful CEOs “had serious character flaws that were either hidden or ignored for years.” Here’s the list:

  • “An obsession with acquiring prestige, power and wealth.”
  • “A reputation for shameless self-promotion and other self-aggrandizing behaviors.”
  • A tendency to create “grandiose strategies” without including a detailed plan for how they will be carried out.
  • The ability to compartmentalize and  rationalize to an amazing degree.

Sounds like a pretty good description for most of the A-list bloggers out there. Next time you read some of their posts, refer to this list.

And, I guess, it even provides a template for a Z-list blogger like me. Let’s face it. I could be watching the Today show. Or I could be standing in the queue at Starbucks waiting 30 minutes or so for those in front of me to order their triple honey lattes with low fat milk. Now that’s dysfunctional — but also the subject of a future blog posting. Instead I’m sitting here essentially in solitary confinement typing away with the hope that someone out there is actually going to read this. I guess technology changes. But isn’t this somewhat like sticking a note in a bottle and tossing it into the ocean? But I digress.

My point. During my 35-year career in business and education I’ve had the misfortune to meet and work with some dysfunctional CEOs, senior managers and college administrators. (Fortunately John Ong, the longtime BFGoodrich CEO was not among them.) Wonder if they are blogging now?

Well, this didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Might as well head to Starbucks.


3 responses to “Bloggers and CEOs

  1. Another snow day? Don’t read my blog post today then. Oh, and I’m making Dunkin Donuts coffee in my pot right now. Now THAT is Z list–but also kind of perfect.

  2. Well pops you know that I’m a dedicated reader. And I agree with you about Starbucks. Nothing gets my blood boiling like waiting in line trying to order a coffee, when the person in front of me is ordering a double chai soy latte. One of these days, as Seinfeld says, there “could be an incident”.

  3. That’s one of the reasons I liked OU. No Starbucks. Just a little place that served coffee and gave me a nice place to read the paper. What was it called?

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