Kent State and Tina Fey

OK, admittedly, the headline is kind of a stretch. But there is a connection. Tomorrow Akron PRSA and Kent’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication host a morning conference focusing on social media and an afternoon leadership summit examining the topic of “Packaging the Presidency Online.”

Maybe we should also add Saturday Night Live to the discussion. It looks as though several recent skits on the program — one raising the idea that the media were treating Barack Obama more favorably than Hillary Clinton — became an issue during the debate in Cleveland. And led to an appearance by Clinton on the program right before the voting in Ohio and three other states earlier this week.

And then there is Tina Fey. Pretty neat endorsement. Well, maybe. Maybe not. But certainly one that received more attention than what you would expect from most of the so-called traditional media these days. Unfortunately, this is no longer available on YouTube because of a copyright issue with NBC. Too bad.

Here’s an audio version — from YouTube.

Did this all help Hillary Clinton win Tuesday in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island? Might be a question I’ll ask at the leadership forum tomorrow.


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