When you’re wrong, you’re wrong

Hey, it’s tough to be right all the time. And I sure demonstrated that fact when I wrote some time ago about the presidential primaries. In a nutshell, I said that by the time the voters had a say in Ohio it would be all over but the shouting at the conventions this summer.

Wrong. Not only is Ohio still in the game, but also voters in the Buckeye State figure to play a big part tomorrow in deciding the eventual Democratic nominee.

I hope that all eligible voters take the opportunity to vote. And it’s important whether you support John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

These are tough times for those of us in Ohio. I heard on TV yesterday that the state has lost 200,000 or more manufacturing jobs during the past few years. And that the median income has declined.

So tomorrow we have a chance to have our collective voices heard on the national stage.

Now I guess we have to hope that the predicted ice storm for Northeast Ohio tomorrow doesn’t bring everything to a halt.

And that the voting machines work.


3 responses to “When you’re wrong, you’re wrong

  1. Dad,

    Don’t forget that no more than a year ago you also said that no candidate, Democrat or Republican, had a chance for the White House besides Hillary. Just thought I would pour some salt in your wound. Support Obama!!


  2. i heart hillary. madame president. it just has a lovely ring to it. and—i’m happy that ohio has a chance to agree with me!

  3. Well, gang —

    When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

    Think about it — and wait for another 24 hours or so.

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