Tom Delay and principles

It’s actually fun watching TV these days. Tonight I’m watching Hardball with Chris Mathews — hoping to stay awake to watch Lost at 9 p.m.  And here is Mathews interviewing Tom Delay, who as best I can tell resigned from one of the most powerful positions in Congress because of charges of unethical conduct.

And Delay is sitting there basically saying that John McCain doesn’t deserve to be the Republican nominee for president because he doesn’t have any principles. He. He.

I never support political candidates publicly. Generally I make up my mind in the voting booth. And over time events almost always prove my selection to be wrong.

But com’n Tom Delay. Principles? Is this the same John McCain who spent five some years in the Hanoi Hilton? Maybe he’s not conservative enough for you and many others — but something tells me he is way ahead of most politicians when it comes to principles.

I’m sure I’ll think about this again during my run tomorrow, but right now this is just too bizarre to pass up.

And remember, as I mentioned here previously, Mike Huckabee is a marathoner.


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