Heading for a super weekend

Well, I’ll admit it. I wasn’t thinking much about public relations during my run this morning. Mostly, I was thinking about my running friends – and my daughter – who now live in Georgia and Florida. I’m sure they were looking at the national weather reports this morning and smiling. Here I am in Northeast Ohio running on a treadmill during an ice storm. Ugh.

But it does give me a chance to watch early morning television news shows. And that almost always leads to some random thoughts. So here goes.

ca55396c-b277-11dc-a41a-02bf453b928c_w100.jpgI guess based on the sports reports that this is the weekend for the Super Bowl. But c’mon. Without the Steelers playing does anyone really care?

Then it must be time for stations to try to boost their audiences to gain more advertising dollars in the months ahead. Cleveland’s 19 Action News is promoting a really interesting story for one of its 11 p.m. newscasts. It has something to do with a “mystery man next door.” Or something like that. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a notepad or pen with me while on the treadmill.

So when I was finished running I went to the station’s Web site to try to find more information about the story. But no luck. And I guess it really doesn’t matter. I’m never awake for the 11 o’clock news. If anyone happens to see the story, let me know.

And I’ll admit that while searching the Channel 19 Web site I got sidetracked by the 19 Action News Poll. Here it is.

Do you think Britney will finally get the help she so desperately needs to turn her life around?

Yes, She’s Accepted She Needs Professional Help

No, She’s Too Far Gone

Too bad Wolf Blitzer didn’t ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that question last night during the debate in California. Then we could have moved on to other pressing matters.

And then I found out from The Huffington Post that Ann Coulter was on the Hannity & Colmes show last night. I didn’t see it. I was sleeping through Lost. But Ann said she’ll campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain is the Republican candidate.

I guess there is hope for John McCain after all.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to run outside. That will be super.


2 responses to “Heading for a super weekend

  1. Well, I have to admit, my 13.2 today was just a little bit easier at 55 degrees!! And since I had to dive out of the way of about 5 hummers and 5 Ford F850s, I’m glad there wasn’t any ice to complicate things 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the 13.2 miles today. That’s great. And I’m sure it will be 55 degrees in Northeast Ohio in no time. As long as we are counting in months.

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