Public relations, the Browns and Charlie Wilson

Well, I’ll admit the headline is a little random. But I had mostly random thoughts during my five-five run this morning. So here goes.

  • I managed to run 1,081 miles this year. That was even more important to me this year than usual. Maybe because I turned 60 in November. Anyway, I’ve run at least 1,000 miles each year since the early 1980s – with the exception of 2002. That year I tore my calf muscle on Oct. 14 playing men’s seniors doubles tennis and finished with 940 miles. So long tennis. Men’s doubles tennis isn’t much exercise anyway. About all you do is stand on the court and occasionally walk to the fence, bend over and pick up the ball. I’ve kept a running log every day since 1982. Walter, if you’re reading this, we ran 10 miles in the rain at 5 a.m. on Monday, April 18, 1985. That’s the day the truck turned and missed us by a fraction of an inch. I didn’t drink single malt whisky until after that. Remember? Gee, I wonder if writing this blog will spark as many nightmares as that run did?
  • I came home from running this morning, and I could see the front page headline in The Plain Dealer even in the dark: Browns Are Out. Ouch. That hurts – even though I’m a life-long fan of the Steelers. Let’s see. What’s after “one for the thumb”? Still, I really do enjoy living in Northeast Ohio, and having the Browns in the playoffs would be good for the region. It certainly was a fun fall with the Indians. I don’t watch professional sports much these days on television or in person. I’ve come to believe that rooting for a professional sports team is equivalent to having an emotional stake in whether General Motors does better than Ford. But I’ll watch the Steelers in the playoffs. Even a curmudgeon has to spend some quality couch time when the weather turns bad.
  • Tonight, being New Year’s Eve, I’m going to see Charlie Wilson’s War with my wife, Mary, and daughter, Jessica. Then we’ll go to dinner – but I should be home in time to get an hour or so of quality nap time in before the ball starts to drop in Time’s Square. Even if invited, I never go to parties on New Year’s Eve. Some of them have a tendency to drag on way past 10 p.m. Good grief.

So we’re off to the early showing of Charlie Wilson’s War. I’m sure it will be full of yucks, since it stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and it is aiming for a mass audience. Here’s the preview.

Unfortunately, the book by George Crile, Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History, wasn’t quite as funny. Crile, a producer with CBS’s “60 Minutes” who died in 2006, provides an interesting glimpse at our government and CIA in action (inaction?). Even if you see the movie read the book. It will give you some perspective on why we are in the mess we are currently facing in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I could name other countries, of course, but time is short if I’m going to make the early show.

Happy new year. I’ll be on the road – or the treadmill – tomorrow morning, thinking about public relations and other important matters.


One response to “Public relations, the Browns and Charlie Wilson

  1. Rob,
    Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to reading your posts.

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